Combining relentlessly heavy guitar riffs, melodic and aggressive vocals and accents of synth, Burn The Darkness debuted their own brand of heavy metal music in 2012.

     Founded by former Signal To Noise frontman Steve Vil, former Apocryfiend guitarist Zero, former FUX bassist Terrorpyn and drummer Doctor Bones, Burn The Darkness launched into the local scene with a vengeance.

     In 2010, Vil, Terrorpyn & Bones' former band was named one of the top 13 original acts in PA's Lehigh Valley by The Easton Express-Times entertainment section, Exposed and have been written about by numerous other local entertainment publications.

     In 2011, they also scored the independent horror/comedy film The Pizza Man, which garnered them their own entry in IMDb:  It was during this film the band met Zero who co-scored the movie.

     As singer and keyboardist for Signal To Noise, Steve Vil was signed to E*magine Entertainment, former label of Danzig.  The band released one acclaimed album and were featured in the soundtrack of the award-winning independent film Grace And The Storm before Vil disbanded the group.

     As bassist for The Fux, Terrorpyn performed on three of the band's four albums and toured relentlessly throughout the United States and Europe.

     Given the band's variety of influences, Powervalve have created a sound all their own that calls to mind industrial metal, hard rock, punk and European metal.  The band plan to begin recording a cd in the very near future...

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